SBA - Southern Biosafety Association

Any corporation or individual with an affiliation and professional interest in the area of biological safety may become a member of the Southern Biosafety Association (SBA).

There are three types of membership:




 $ 100.00  $ 25.00  $ 10.00

  • Corporate members may have up to four voting members.
  • Regular members may vote in elections and hold elected office.
  • Students  may not vote or hold elected office and must be enrolled in a field related to biological safety.

To become a member of SBA or to renew your membership please complete the membership form and submit the corresponding membership fees.

Membership Application 2015.doc

Membership Payment

Submit membership payment here.

Thanks for your interest in becoming an active member of the Southern Biosafety Association. For more information please send an e-mail to

SBA - Southern Biosafety Association

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